An attractive single woman is pursued by two men; one a rich asshole and the other a decent fellow of noble standing. She is attracted to both of them and has a difficult time choosing which one to date. She gets to know them both, weighs her options, gets opinions from her friends, and finally decides that while she likes both of them, she'll choose the nice guy.

The asshole disagrees. He shoves the nice guy in the mud and takes her hand. For the next four years, the woman dates the asshole. He steals most of her money. He beats her senseless. He stands by while other guys beat her senseless. He cheats on her and makes up elaborate lies. He spreads rumors so bad that no other guy will ever want to date her.

After four years, the woman realizes how awful her life is and looks for another suitor. A handsome, wealthy gentleman comes along and proves to be a perfect match. They get along well behind the asshole's back, but the asshole finds out about the suitor and makes his final plea. He tells her that if she ever leaves him, she'll suffer without him and her safety will be in jeopardy. The time comes for the woman to decide which one she wants to date. She picks the respectable gentleman, right?

No. Eat my ass, Ohio.


At 2:45 PM, Blogger njm said...

you see this is why i don't vote...

At 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have just written my biography. . . how did you know?


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