The end of the blog?

Yeah, so I joined Facebook. I'm not proud of it, as I'm sure it will stifle my creativity and keep you posted more on what I'm "doing right now" than actual events of substance taking place, but was I really that creative in the first place? Did I ever have anything going on that you just had to read about? Did I even avoid ending sentences with prepositions?

In case you need a final fix, or in case I bring back the Memorable Moments feature for one last run, a few things of note that have happened in the recent past:

Jill and I met Mike and Sarah at the Porthole on Friday, where business as usual was interrupted by a fishing boat bringing in an 8-foot, 400-pound shark. The weekly party on the dock came to a screeching halt as everyone stopped to gawk at and applaud the three fisherman and one three-year-old girl who saved countless Maine lives by reeling in public enemy number twenty-three or so. I got a picture on my phone. From 20 feet, it looks like a 6-ounce eel in the seafood aisle at Shaw's.

Today, Welcome to the Fukudome played a heartbreaking softball playoff game, losing 13-12 in nine innings (two of which were "extra") against the top seeded Orioles in the first round. After a 1-5 start, we had to sweep a doubleheader last Sunday just to qualify for the playoffs, where we very nearly pulled off the upset of the tournament. I went 1-for-4, probably dropping my average close to .500 after hitting over .800 with four homers in the first four games. Dog days of August, I suppose.

Not sure if I've written about the 18 straight days during which we accommodated guests, from Pat and Rob and Nick and Heather to Kristen and family and Mom and Dad to countless (mostly pregnant) bachelorette party guests. We had a blast hosting everyone willing to come to Maine, but we're ready for our own vacation, this week in Gloucester with the Jeffreys.

I guess that's all I've got. You know, besides my impending fatherhood and all. But you probably already know about that.


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