Doin's a-transpirin'

Another Sprummer kickball season is underway. My team, Clam Dip, is off to a 1-1 start after an 8-0 victory in week one and a 5-3 loss yesterday. I pitched a complete game and homered in last night's losing effort, but couldn't recreate the magic of Jarrett's near-perfect game last Thursday.

I'm experimenting with a new fantasy baseball format- the baseball survivor pool. Each participant drafts one pitcher and one hitter, and is eliminated if:

-the hitter fails to record a hit, walk, hit by pitch, sacrifice walk, or sacrifice fly in a game in which he has four or more plate appearances
-the hitter does not start for two consecutive team games
-the pitcher fails to pitch six full innings in a start
-the pitcher gives up five or more runs in a start
-the pitcher fails to record a strikeout in a start
-the pitcher does not start for nine consecutive team games.

The last participant with his or her pitcher and hitter still active wins the pool. I'm debuting the format with a beta group of nine people this weekend, and if it's successful, plan to expand it in the future, perhaps with amended criteria for eliminating players. If you're interested, let me know.


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