iPods... why don't I own one?

After a lovely afternoon with Jason's iPod, I've decided that someone should buy me an iPod. Maybe it's you. I'm ready to loosen my attachment to the once-compact disc medium, download all the music I own and loads of music I don't own onto an instrument I can fit in my pocket alongside the digital camera I don't own yet. Thank God I'm limitlessly wealthy.

In other rocking-out news, Pat and Rob are in town, and joined Jason, Jaron, and me for drinks at the Beantown Pub, rocking out in a gazebo on the common, more drinks at the Whiskey, and more outrocking in our front yard, intermittently watching clips of the fabulous brawl at the Pacers-Pistons game. Tonight should involve Nameburst, more drinking, and less dancing.

And while we're still loosely attached to the subject of music, make sure to take another look at last year's QHS 200 to whet your appetite for this year's edition, due out December 1. Gee.


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