It's done

As promised, the albums list is published, complete with an intro and stats to beat the band. Assuming my audience is limited to the eight voters and a few close friends, I've more or less abandoned any attempt to review (or even comment on) music and elaborated more on the process that goes into making such a list. Please feel free to criticize on this blog.


'Tis the season

The 2005 QHS 200 is out. Check out this year's albums list here. I'll try to get an introduction and some stats out tomorrow, but the list is here now. Merry Christmas!


Making the Yuletide Gay, Jeffrey-style

A Bluesocket Christmas party before Jill: 60 rich engineers eating subpar food, drinking no more than two free drinks, and sitting quietly while Frank Sinatra and Brenda Lee croon to the walls.

A Bluesocket Christmas party with Jill: 20 rich engineers coaxing drink tickets from pregnant women and teetotalers, rocking out to OutKast and Usher, entertaining nary a thought of the walk-of-shame into work on Monday, while 40 others look on, thoroughly entertained.

Other new developments since my last post include a Christmas tree on our porch (for now), a foot of snow in the yard (for now), and a book signed by Bill Simmons in exchange for a quasi-mustachioed Curt Schilling rookie card, for which he seemed quite grateful. Let's hope it makes its way into a column one of these days.


3 things

1) It's cold out.
2) "The Office" is hilarious.
3) No one blogs anymore.



So I see it's been eight days since I last posted something. Consider this my first guilt-inspired blog. Thanksgiving weekend in Framingham and Queensbury was all I could have asked for and more. Highlights included celebrating Shayna's Schroeckification with album talk at Desperate Annie's and Nameburst at the Prime Hotel, all after Jill's introduction to Extreme Gee at Starbucks.

Jill turns (censored, you might want to ask her) tomorrow, and Gary turns thirty later in the weekend. With big plans for both birthdays and Kristen and Lauren in town, it promises to be a hectic weekend. Yes, I'm still sick. And that was a terrible entry.