Spending frenzy

In an effort to spend the first several years' worth of my raise in the first month, Jill and I bought an iBook last week, which should arrive at the house anytime. I can't get all the features on my Honda Music Link with my Bluesocket PC, so we decided a Mac was a necessary addition to my iPod accessories and paraphernalia, which now total $24,441 (give or take a few bucks) spent since December '04.

I also bought new shoes and a burrito for Jaron, who later bought me a beer (but only after selling his futon and all of his baseball cards for $40).



Brainerd Q. Bitchslap vomited at work today, and spent the afternoon at Colleen's apartment, since he didn't want to relive the two-hour drive to work through the snow. I might want to rethink this alterego thing.


Brainerd Q. Bitchslap, 1/22/06-

Not long after the dawn of the Coco Crisp era in Boston, I welcomed the Brainerd Q. Bitchslap era in Framingham. While I'm not usually one to name my own alteregos, Brainerd Q. Bitchslap looks like my most promising Mr. Hyde since Andre Pike, who lived in me about 20 hours a week in 2000.

Mr. Bitchslap's first appearance in public was at Bennigan's, where he watched the first half of tonight's NFC Championship with Jill. We got IDed for a Miller Lite and a Sam Adams Winter Lager (Brainerd Q's drink of choice?) and Jenna, our vacantly cute waitress, was first shocked that Jill was born in 1974, then equally shocked that I was born in 1980, muttering something like "oh my totally backwards!". Our first lesson about BQB- he looks older than he is, and likes young-lookin' older ladies.

A few more notes about Brainerd- he likes to cook (he cooked or bought every morsel of food he and Jill consumed this weekend, something Bryan would certainly never do). He hates the Steelers more than ever, but is excited for the Seahawks and their first trip to the Super Bowl. He drives his 1996 Accord recklessly, having already traded it in for a new model. And he sure as hail doesn't watch Desperate Housewives (ok, he lies- he's not perfect; he also spends an inordinate amount of time discussing potential baby names, despite fatherhood being a distant venture).

Brainerd Q. Bitchslap, signing off.

Cuckoo for Coco Crisp

I think I'm excited about the Covelli Loyce Crisp era in Boston. I'm pretty sure they added the right Alex Gonzalez too.

Also, I bought a 2006 Honda Accord yesterday.



After more insulating yesterday, I spent a snowy Sunday trudging around eastern Massachusetts looking at used cars- an Accord in Waltham at 9, an Altima in Malden at 10, and a Lexus ES300 in South Boston at 11. I liked all the cars, basically in proportion to their prices, so the details of the loan will ultimately determine my driving fate.

What I learned for certain today was that I'll be wearing a Tommy Hilfiger tux with a gray vest and bowtie on April 28, and that my groomsmen will wear the same tux with a black vest and necktie.

Despite the Steelers win, I hope to see today's Indianapolis-Pittsburgh game on ESPN Classic a few times just to relive the incredible turns in the last few minutes. In case I don't, the following things happened:

-Pittsburgh went up 21-3 in the 4th and picked off Manning to seal the game with under 5 minutes left, but the interception call was (incorrectly) overturned, giving the Colts a chance to score two quick touchdowns, with a two-point conversion after the second.

-Pittsburgh recovered on downs at Indy's two yard line with a minute and a half left, once again sealing the victory, before Jerome Bettis fumbled on first down and the Colts would have run it back for a touchdown if not for Ben Roethlisberger's tackle from his back around the 45.

-Peyton Manning tried to score a touchdown twice on second and third and two, instead of getting a first down and making for an easier field goal for Mike Vanderjagt (the best kicker in NFL history), who ended up missing a 46-yarder to tie the game.

The officiating may not have been as bad as yesterday's Pats-Broncos game (which the Pats wouldn't have won even if the refs got over 40% of the obvious calls right), but I did learn this weekend that terrible officiating makes for more entertaining football.



After successfully avoiding Home Depot for several months, I made a quick trip there today to pick up insulation and various items to cover body parts that might potentially be touched by itchy fiberglass. Bill, Linda, Joe, Jill, and I spent the afternoon in the basement, insulating the areas under our living room and office, plasticking over windows, and caulking various cracks, all in hopes of thawing out the nigh unlivable tundra that our first floor apartment has become. The result was an immediate temperature hike, and at the very least, the psychological advantage of having taken action to prevent our freezification.

Despite its lack of home improvements, yesterday was an enjoyable Saturday. Brad and Byron came into town with significant others to celebrate our winter birthdays with Apples to Apples, dinner at Pepperoncini's, a surprise cake with "103" written in candles (had Jersey shown up, the four of us would have been celebrating 103 years worth of birthdays; we had to settle for 77), and a big Pats win at night.

Speaking of football, it took me a long time to get into it this year, but the uber-exciting Rose Bowl and my genuine rooting interest in each of this weekend's wild card games have given me a mild bout of football fever. While it's never a good thing to watch a team from Texas win at anything, the NFL has unfolded perfectly so far. Washington kept Jon Gruden from seeing the second round, Carolina sent Eli Manning and Jeremy Shockey (football's ARod and Sheffield?) packing, and the Pats were victorious as usual. Being a Patriots fan has become a little too easy (perhaps bordering on soulless), but it's nice to get together with friends and root for a football team that's practically guaranteed to win. And the best part- if they lose, who cares? They haven't lost a playoff game since I was in high school. Let's hope Jon Kitna's Bengals can send the Steelers home and make it a clean sweep.



Happy 2006. Synopses of events since I last blogged almost two weeks ago can be found in moments 17, 12, and 9 of My 25 Most Memorable Moments of 2005. Enjoy.