Best. Songs. Ever.

You've been reading my album, movie, and song lists for five years now. Here's the last (best?) one ever.



Saw Justin Masterson, the top Red Sox pitching prospect, in person last night at a Portland Sea Dogs game. He didn't impress, but he had some valid excuses. On a night that started around 42 degrees and ended long after Jill and I went home to thaw, Masterson encountered as much resistance from Mother Nature and an eerily quiet Hadlock Field as from the Connecticut Defenders.

His line: 5 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 3 BB, 3K

Masterson left with a 4-2 lead but didn't get the decision in the Sea Dogs' 5-4, 11-innings win. Two of the hits were doubles, and all were well-hit. He was behind in a lot of counts, but managed to get a lot of ground ball outs. He never broke 86 on the radar gun, though to be fair, the gun registered many of his pitches at 41 or 42, as if it were more impressed by the temperature than by his arm strength. Masterson's most impressive throw of the night was a pickoff move that nailed a runner straying from second base to get out of some trouble in the fourth.

Much more impressive was Masterson's sixth-inning replacement, Chad Rhoades, who struck out five in two innings, breaking 90 on almost every pitch. Rhoades walked two and gave up a hit, and may not have fooled anyone with an arsenal of fastballs and fasterballs, but on an April night in Maine, I'd rather take my chances with Masterson's junk than Rhoades's lightning.


Charlton Heston is Dead

But is he dead enough?


Baseball preview, etc.

I let a record six weeks elapse between posts, but I've been reading so many baseball previews lately that I had to weigh in with my own. Here goes:

AL East
Boston 95-67
New York 89-73
Toronto 85-77
Tampa Bay 78-84
Baltimore 64-98

Cleveland 93-69
Detroit 90-72
Minnesota 77-85
Chicago 72-90
Kansas City 71-91

LA of Ana 95-67
Seattle 83-79
Texas 76-86
Oakland 74-88

NL East
New York 93-69
Philadelphia 89-73
Atlanta 82-80
Florida 73-89
Washington 71-91

Milwaukee 85-77
Chicago 83-79
Cincinnati 75-87
St. Louis 74-88
Houston 73-89
Pittsburgh 71-91

Los Angeles 91-71
Arizona 90-72
Colorado 89-73
San Diego 88-74
San Francisco 61-101

Division Series
Indians over Red Sox
Angels over Tigers
Diamondbacks over Mets
Dodgers over Brewers

Championship Series
Indians over Angels
Diamondbacks over Dodgers

World Series
Indians over Diamondbacks

AL MVP- Alex Rodriguez
NL MVP- David Wright
AL Cy Young- John Lackey
NL Cy Young- Brandon Webb

I made these picks on March 25, and would change a few things based on interim events. Both the White Sox and Royals could finish ahead of the Twins. The Angels will still with the pathetic AL West, but not with 95 wins, and with Lackey injured, Justin Verlander will win the AL Cy Young award. With Pujols and the whole rotation hurt, the Cardinals might finish last in the NL Central. Dingers!