Moments '07

Click here for my 25 most memorable moments of 2007. That is all.


Autumn in New England

It's snowing. Again. Must be the fifth or sixth snowstorm in December, totaling 30+ inches. Maybe five inches so far today, and no end in sight. We've got the most shovel-friendly driveway on earth (less than five feet of pavement beyond our cars), yet I've spent as much time shoveling this month as I've spent eating. This morning, I shoveled and cleared off the cars a little before 7, and when I went back outseide at 8, it looked exactly the same as it did before I shoveled. Rigoddamndiculous.

Oh, and winter starts on Saturday.


The Songs, v3.0

It took a few months longer than expected, but The Songs, v3.0 is ready. Take a look.