Christmas couldn't have been much better to me. Check out this year's 25 Most Memorable Moments for details.


Ice Cold!

I have spent, and plan to spend, the majority of my last three days of work this year working on my 25 Most Memorable Moments of 2004. It was no 2002, but there have been some hot items this year. Estimated publish date: 1/1/05.

I had my first of many Christmases on Sunday with the Jeffreys (paternal), and scored a plethora of shirts, all large (my size in 1994), but lovely. Christmas at the Jeffreys (maternal) comes tomorrow, followed by Christmas with the O'Connors and several other people I've never met, probably sometime around Christmas Day.


That's Where You'll Find Me

My Christmas party schedule, 12/15 through 12/25

12/15- Jerry's cheese and Cranium party... a smash hit
12/16- Abby's Primary Source holiday party... primarily lovely
12/17- Joe the Jet's TJX pre-holiday bash... canceled due to someone's birth
12/18- Ned's "Screw Christmas" birthday party... forthcoming
12/19- Christmas at the Jeffreys' Part I- paternal
12/22- Facts in Five with the Thomases and VS/Lanes
12/23- Dinner and first present opening with Jill
12/24- Flying to Greensboro for Christmas party
12/25- Jill arrives in Greensboro for Christmas party



'Tis the Season

Jason and I were somehow given emcee duty for today's holiday party at the Library. I wrote up a neat little script, we dressed as foolishly as we could within reason, and Jason proved to be the better public speaker as I peppered his steady narration with work-friendly zingers. A smash hit on all accounts.

Meanwhile, since yesterday's rant, the Red Sox:

Fired Bill Morgan, the doctor who sewed up Schilling's ankle and may have been more responsible than any player for the World Series win.

Let Pedro Martinez sign with the Mets, confident that David Wells can be a top-shelf #2 starter.

Further pursued Edgar Renteria, a cheaper Orlando Cabrera with less upside and no built-in fan base.

Let rumors spread about an absurd Manny Ramirez-Cliff Floyd trade with the Mets.



Theo, I Hardly Knew Ye

I've wondered for the past few years whether the Red Sox would be as appealing after winning a World Series as they were during their 86-year-drought. Watching this team win a World Series, I was so enamored that I considered applying for "fan for life" status, something I've never offered any team in any sport. Then Curt Schilling urged fans to vote for Bush and I was able to look past it. Then the Sox made it public that they wouldn't pursue Orlando Cabrera, one of the most likeable '04 Sox and a key to this year's title. I was able to overlook that too, even if Varitek didn't come back either, because I got so much enjoyment from watching the Sox this year.

This weekend, the baseball world in New England turned upside down. The Sox dropped their bid on Carl Pavano, letting him slip to the Yankees, and signed David Wells. David Wells will wear a Red Sox uniform this year. It's very possible that the top of the Sox' rotation this year will be a proselytizing Republican, a whiner who can't accept the fact that he can no longer be effective into the seventh inning, and a fatass who once wore Babe Ruth's game-worn hat on the mound, even though he knew he would be fined, then claimed to be "half-drunk" when he pitched his perfect game. Do I even like this team?

Right now, I have to say yes, becuase I can't let two or three players I hate stand in the way of my love affair with the team that just completed the greatest comeback in sports history against sports' most evil franchise. I think the most important thing Red Sox Nation can do now is to let the Sox front office know how unacceptable the Wells signing is. The Sox had to adopt a "win at any cost" mentality to keep up with the Yankees. Now they need to balance winning with keeping their fans happy. Boo Wells relentlessly for the first half of the year. Don't let your kids wear Wells uniforms or drink 40's in the dugout at their little league games. Let his ridiculous two-year contract run out and watch him get replaced by a Mark Mulder or a Josh Beckett. Wells or no Wells, these are still the Red Sox.

In non-tragic news, Jill and I bought a Christmas tree for her house today. Decoration has begun. That is all.


The 2004 QHS 200

I've recovered (mostly) from Jill's birthday weekend and am ready to present this year's QHS 200! If you didn't participate in the voting, you probably don't care, but the rest of you are in for a treat. Dingers!


My girlfriend is 30

...and I don't feel a day over 24 years, 9 months, and 10 days.

Last night's North End dinner was lovely. I have much lower expectations for tonight's plans, which involve the words "Ani", "Worcester", and "Difranco", which can't be good in any order. Happy birthday, Jill.

To those leaning on the sustaining infinite (albumswise), blame Nick. I'll post this year's QHS 200 this weekend, hopefully with a contribution from Kid AZ.