Once upon a time, I dressed so fine, threw the bums a dime in my prime, didn't I? Well, no, but I did have my own room in a house and a familiar job. Today, it's more wallpaper-stripping and bathroom-cleaning so that Jill and I can move into the apartment downstairs one of these days. Tomorrow, it's off to the new job in Burlington.

During my absence, I'm sure you got enough information on the winter wallop from my friends' blogs, so I won't bore you with details, but we managed to weather the storm, Jason helped me start the move on Tuesday with the help of Aunt Sue's truck, a decent crowd turned our for my going-away outing at Clery's on Friday, and Jason's dinner party last night was lovely, albeit a little depressing being a guest at 47 School.

Expect a very happy update from me in a few days.


Since I Last Checked In...

-I saw and loved "Sideways" with Jill.
-I imported albums "H" through "M" into my iTunes, along with my Wilco, OutKast, Nirvana, and White Stripes collections.
-I bought an external hard drive to allow for future music importing.
-I watched most of "A Place in the Sun" but fell asleep with a half hour to go.
-I trained various people on various facets of my job at work in preparation for my emancipation.
-I interviewed one potential roommate, offered the room to said potential roommate, and was denied by said potential roommate.
-I arranged interviews with five more potential roommates.
-I arranged to borrow Aunt Sue's truck to move to Framingham next Thursday, assuming I've found a roommate for my roommates.
-I took today off to look at potential wedding venues: the Gloucester Elks (heavenly), the Natick Labs (terrifying), and the 1858 House in unpronounceable Sherborn (Jill-approved).
-I bought another shirt and two pairs of boxers with the JC Penney credit leftover from Christmas gift returns.
-I saw "The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou" with Jason and Amy, which was back-cripplingly long, indulgent, and meandering, but hilarious nonetheless.
-I learned that Nick is coming to Boston this weekend, rather than next, which is great for my moving plans.
-I let you know all about it.


Overqualified no more

So I have a job. I accepted an offer yesterday for a Staff Accountant position at Bluesocket, a hi-tech wireless solutions firm in Burlington. The position will be similar to my job at the Library, but I will have actual access to the general ledger, and to my knowledge, Bluesocket is in no way affiliated with any religious movement or cult.

I had a lovely evening playing the 90's Edition of Trivial Pursuiut and Facts in Five with Jill, Linda, and Rich last night, and was thoroughly embarrassed despite runaway victories in both games, since I thought I had made up the town of Topsham (turns out I just put it in the wrong state).

Wedding planning hit another snag today, as Jill and I couldn't get to our appointment at the Publick House in Sturbridge on time, after picking up an elliptical trainer and Jill's resized and newly appraised ring. We did, however, have time to watch Doug Brien blow the hapless Jets' chance at one of the great upsets in football playoff history, and we plan on taking in "Sideways" at AMC Chestnut Hill tonight.

Still no takers on my room at 47 School. If I have to say the same thing next Saturday, it might sound more desperate.



I think maybe I'll take some time off from blogging because it doesn't challenge me. What's that? That doesn't make any sense? Oh, you're right.

No news on the wedding front, as Jill and I have had shockingly little success in the wedding venue search.

Come to think of it, there's not much to report on any front. I'm up to the Js in music importing world, and I now have a leather carrying case for BrainPod and a cable so that I can use him through a receiver.

This weekend promises to be the most exciting football weekend of the year, although I probably have plans I don't know about that will keep me away from the TV. Can't say I've missed football much this year.

Thus concludes the most worthless post in the history of bmoconline. Perhaps a visit from Nick and Mark will spice up Boston life in weeks to come.


Still importing!

So I took the day off today to load music into my iPod. I'm up to Al Green. In other news, we're still looking for a subletter to take my room when I momve to Framingham next month. Anyone looking?

Yesterday was a day of firsts for me, from my first trip to the MFA (the Art Deco exhibit was delightfully hideous) and my first dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (the Tons of Fun Burger was just delightful), both with Jill, Kate, and Matt.


The End of the Christmases

Last night, Jill and I told her father and LJII about our engagement over dinnere and JC Penney returns. Linda was excited for us, which makes two of our six parent-type people who were unqualifiedly happy (thanks, Dad). In related news, Nothing at JC Penney fits a 6'6" goon with gorilla arms.

On the schedule today was the Malvey family Christmas grab in Burlington, which turned out to be too far to travel in this miserable weather. The change of plans has allowed me to download albums from Clapton through Coral (as of 5:52pm) and complete my Great American Road Trip '02 photo album, just 2 1/2 years behind schedule. Maybe I'll get around to that memoir one of these days.


iPod skills

I've sung the praises in this forum of everything from squeezable jelly to front-clasp bras, but the greatest invention of my lifetime has got to be the iPod. I started importing my music collection yesterday, beginning with my five favorite albums of all time:

"OK Computer", Radiohead
"Highway 61 Revisited", Bob Dylan
"Grace", Juff Buckley
"Forever Changes", Love
"Revolver", The Beatles

From there, I proceeded alphabetically, and to date, I've completed my Air, Allman Brothers, Fiona Apple, Louis Armstrong, Band, Beach Boys, Beastie Boys, Beatles, Beck, and Belle & Sebastian collections. In the coming months, I'll balance the importing of 300-400 albums with a roommate search, gradually moving my life into Jill's house, filling up two photo albums, paying overdue bills, and reading the three books I got for Christmas, so if you're looking for me, I'll probably be in my room.


Happy 2005

I brought in the new year at Brad and Sara's gorgeous new condo in Connecticut, eating tasty appetizers, playing Taboo, watching "Napoleon Dynamite" (awesome), and talking about wedding junk for hours.

Now it's time to watch some football for the first time all season, then buy "Napoleon Dynamite". Awesome.