Another top fifty

One weekend. Two Moynihans. Two McDowells. One list (and some dingers, and a new Nameburst record). Without further ado, the top fifty:

a woman scorned
blaze of glory
bloodless revolution
bum bag
colaborating (sic)
diaper dandy
established since
exit only
free love freeway
Jenkins' ear
ladies who lunch
loose morals
mnemonic device
mons pubis
nautical mile
news chopper
stiff upper lip
Texas leaguer

And the top 25, in order:
25. death tax
24. inner ear
23. agism
22. castrati
21. be kind to your behind
20. hourglass figure
19. war profiteering
18. soft underbelly
17. clambake
16. triple word score
15. Yeah! Yeah! God is great
14. Moh's hardness scale
13. stool boom
12. fire retardant
11. Joey Lawrence's career
10. snow day
9. ribbed. for her pleasure
8. no fly zone
7. furtive glance
6. bubble wrap
5. owse cream
4. back-alley abortions
3. Tricky Dick
2. mufffin top (sic)
1. t-shirt tucked into windpants